About Us


About Us


year experience in the technology innovation

Robomania is a company with team of experts with more than 15year experience in the field of technology innovation. We believe in Innovation in automation. Robomania works towards human machine Co-working environment to create a better future. We execute our range of services in a highly planned and professional manner, in order to maintain premium quality. Our clients are assured tailor-made services for optimum satisfaction, as we work in close collaboration with them. The highly customized solutions we offer to our valuable clients has rendered us a highly acclaimed industrial automation service provider. Our team strives to offer the exact requirements of our clients. We understand our clients need for timely execution of their projects. Therefore, we always ensure that we execute our services well within the given deadlines.

What we do

We are manufacturer of Educational robots for institutions and universities, we manufacture robots which shall provide the students to experience their hands on experience of Robotic functions of industrial level robots. Package content is highly relevant for modern factory applications and contains everything instructors require to teach students to program and operate robots. We proudly introduce our wide range of products Articulated robot (6DOF), SCARA (3DOF) and CARTESIAN (3 DOF).

We specialise in Solutions for SLAM navigation.

We provide 3D LiDAR scanners, solutions and responsive customer service which enable customers to collect, manage, visualise, analyse and share high value georeferenced LiDAR data to improve commercial decisions and performance.

We provide optimum solutions for mobile robots and automations.

  • Today we are authorised Distributors of Leishen LiDAR solutions and system integration in the fields of mapping, Drones, autonomous vehicles, industrial and robotics.
  • We are an authorised distributors of ZGC BLDC motors, we provide wide range of variants in different model of BLDC motors with all accessories for all different kinds of applications.
  • We are also an associate partners of Plutools automations and solutions providing expert solutions for various Battery Vehicles drive system. Plutools’s products have proven records of being successfully adopted in thousands of applications such as Forklifts, AGV, Aerial Platforms, Airport Machines, plotters, electronics equipments,medical equipments etc.

Our Strength

  • Commitment to Customers and Satisfaction
  • Access to International Standards & Design Practices
  • Scheduling and execution of whole projects through Project Engineers
  • Simulated testing facilities & Trouble shooting devices
  • Premium quality
  • Timely execution
  • High reliability
  • Professional handling
  • Fully customized solutions
  • Maintenance of Confidentiality. Rich industrial experience. Multi-disciplinary Engineering Team
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